Terms of Service

Please understand the following Terms of Service in which you are in agreement with by accessing or registering on Imperfect and Company.

The server

"The server", "IG", "Imperfect Gamers" refers to the game-server on https://www.imperfectgamers.org and may not be confused as something else.

Imperfect and Company

"Us", "We", "Our", "The company", all refers to Imperfect and Company as a group, as a company. We are not responsible for any mistakes you may have made with our identity.


By being on our website and server, you understand that you are accountable for your own mistakes. You understand that we have the authority to do what we want with your account, as it is our property and you're a user. You understand that if you do not represent the values that the company stands for then your account will be dealt with accordingly and as fairly as possible across all branches including Imperfect Gamers, Imperfect Sounds, and Postogon. You understand that since Imperfect and Company operates and is hosted in the United States that the Electronic Signatures in Global and International Commerce Act (ESGICA) is in effect and failure to follow these rules will result in permanent removal from all branches of Imperfect and Company. The following services provided by Imperfect and Company are Postogon, Imperfect Sounds, Imperfect Gamers, and Imperfect and Company Merchandise Store.


You hereby agree that by accepting this TOS, you know that your contract with imperfectandcompany.com also correlates any service that is owned by us.